That’s the question that  new television programme asks. That’s right, folks: part of your hard earned cash that you pay in TV license fees is going into making ‘educational enriching’ programmes like this. What social experimental point are they trying to make with this visual fest? Then again, the participants on said show are apparently ‘dangerously overweight teenagers’. I reckon that a rival show should be created called, “Can Skinny peeps Eat?” Imagine the advertising revenue that would come in on that. Actually, that doesn’t seem like a bad concept for a show…


2 thoughts on ““Can Fat Teens hunt?”

  1. I can’t stand reality tv….so boring….. why would I want to watch irritating human beings on tv? Its enough that I have to deal with them in real life, do I have to see them on tv as well? After super nanny….Lord, that show disgusted me, seeing the peoples’ homes, their living rooms, laundry….I don’t want to see anybody’s home anymore. By the way, am I the only one, or are British homes really behind the times in Europe?

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