Whoohoo!! It’s that time of the year that I get way too excited when it comes to music. Forget Glastonbury, or the other festivals: this is open season for pure musical genius. Many may argue over that claim, and you have every right to. As long as you don’t define ‘Jazz’ as elevator music, you and I will get on just fine!!

So many gigs packed into 9 days.. so much choice…. I’m drooling like Homer Simpson, here!! It’s just a damn shame that you can’t be at every venue, so you have to choose the shows that you believe might be requested, from a pictorial perspective.

It was either a choice of either shooting the Charlie Haden gig or the ‘We all Love Ella‘ tribute at the Royal Festival Hall. (For all you non-Jazz Heads, that’s Ms Ella Fitzgerald, first lady of Jazz, bar none!!) I decided on the latter because for starters, you get to see about 7 acts in one show, and I just love Ms. Fitzgerald’s stuff. Before the show started, I got chatting with legendary Jazz photographer, David Redferns. I always look toward to his witty anecdotes and stuff.

Although it was initially stated to photographers that we could only take pictures of the first 2 songs, it was agreed that we could shoot all the acts within the first half of the show from the side of the auditorium, which I believe was fair. I have to thank the guys at Serious, the Stage management team and Air Management for sorting this out. If it were some other acts or festivals, there arrogance would have shone through and I doubt photographers would have got any shots.

But, enough of that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not one to review, I just take pictures. But God, was it a great start to the Jazz Festival!!


Claire Martin:

Lizz Wright:

David McAlmont (“No, it wasn’t Ola Onabule as I originally thought!!”)

Lea DeLaria:

Terri Walker:

Juliet Roberts:

Melody Gardot:


13 thoughts on “Start of the London Jazz Festival 2007

  1. Gosh, if only I could teleport myself there. I love all of them, especially Ola, who I’ve met several times because he’s the brother of a close friend. Excellent performer.

  2. Jamelia was ok, so also was Terri Walker. But you could tell that jazz is not their forte. Everyone else, though, was amazing.

  3. so, here are your new shots.
    I thought you would enjoy the Jazz festival. My son loves jazz and bossa nova and mum grew up listening to Rock.
    Great pictures. beautifully taken, very sharp, and well composed and exposed.
    I am starting to dream about really having a go at doing a proper shooting one day.

  4. The show was easily one of the most amazing shows you will ever see. Once you understand it’s about music, not just jazz, you are transported into heaven. The 8 singers did “A Tisket, A Tasket” for the encore and it was electric. Dylan at Newport-No. The Who at Isle of Wight-No. This was it! So much so the audience demanded an encore, there were no more songs prepared, so they did “A Tisket, A Tasket” again!!!! Simply electric. If you weren’t there, you truly missed it!

  5. Kai, Akin, I dey jealous o! Jazz na my second name. And you got great shots too, almost feel like I’m there … In fact I’m going to Jazz Session this coming weekend.

  6. Excellent photos! I’m the musical director and conductor in the background — Any chance I could get some hi-res copies?
    It was great, great fun making music with all these wonderful performers.
    Yours, — Rob Mounsey

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