It’s very unlike me to start off a blog like the beginning of a conversation like the English tend to do, but I have to say, it’s blooming freezing in London at the moment!! You know it’s cold when you dread getting out of bed from under the duvet you’ve spent the past 7 -8 hours trying to warm up, only to be woken up by your ‘natural alarm clock‘ (i.e. the urge to go to the bathroom!)  I mean, many animals have the right idea: they hibernate and come out in the spring. Others that can afford it book their flight and leave these isles till the next year.  As for the rest of us gluttons for punishment, well, the less said about that, the better!

You layer up like a polar bear for a brand new day, and for once, during this time of the year when the working masses really, REALLY loathe going into work, people actually don’t mind ‘huddling’ together just to get that extra heat going in the tube.  You crank up the heating at work and before it’s 4pm, it’s  as dark as a Shark’s eye.  You just want to go home, cuddle up and do nothing.  I mean, is that so wrong to ask for? But you have other commitments and such, so by the time you get home, you’re envisaging how warm your house is going to be!

Anyway, this was a just an ‘Ak-ism’.  Went to cover the Stereophonics as Wembley Arena yesterday, and as always, the ‘goose-stepping goons‘ that call themselves security just makes me hate wanting to go to that venue. Let’s not even begin  to mention the ‘wonderful and glorious lighting’ and the ‘in-your-frame’ camera guys. Here’s one shot I managed to get from the night:


One thought on “Ye Olde Cold weather & Stereophonics at Wembley Arena

  1. I guess Wembley Arena is a no go area then. I saw them at the Brighton Arena. I was amazed about the white floodlights coming form behind used in there. Gosh, how do you manage to get the exposure right for that I was nearly blind just looking at it.

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