During the normal banter at work that we tend to have, the conversation turned to popular culture television, in particular a British programme called, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of here!” For those of you who have no idea what the show is about, it involves past celebrities who have had their 15 minutes of fame but still want to squeeze the juices out from the clock, or reinvigorate their ‘celebrity status‘. The participants are dropped off in a ‘jungle’ in Australia or somewhere exotic and expected to complete tasks while simultaneously make complete morons of themselves. In my opinion, it’s pointless, brainless programming that somehow manages to bring the viewer ratings in. But I digress from my rant.

So, while my colleagues are arguing over the merits and supposed importance of said show, I suggested that the programme makers might want to consider my spin on the show, which I’d like to call, “I’m in Nigeria, Get me out of here!!” Now, before you chest beating patriotic Nigerians go all, “Ah-ah!! Why are talking like that?!?!? You are disrespecting your homeland!!”, hear me out: I honestly believe that many of these pampered wannabes need to have a slap of reality. So, drop them off in the middle of Oshodi or Agege Market with a number of tasks that they’d have to take up. A good challenge would be either riding an ‘okada or hanging off a Molue.

The second task would be to navigate their way, and if possible, negotiate with ‘Area Boys’.  There would also be rapid fire questions to test their IQ about the state of politics in Nigeria, and for an added bonus, to memorise at least 20 of the 100s of abbreviated acronyms.  The possibilities of extending this show into a good ratings series are endless.  I’m telling ya: a show like this would not only educate, but also demonstrate how versatile Nigerians can be.

Anyway, I should be having pictures coming up soon. The London Jazz Festival is kicking off, so it should be fun.


6 thoughts on “"Get Me out of here"… Nigeria Style!

  1. That programmme is completely dire to say the least and so are the hasbeens who appear on the show. Nigeria may be challenging at times but I would NOT wish the contestants on that crappy show on fellow Nigerians.

  2. Splendid idea! I think in keeping with the ‘celebrity’ theme, the first series should feature paris hilton, britney spears, lindsey lohan and others like them. Strip them of their platinum credit cards, mobile phones and designer clothes and just let them get on with it. Now that’s a show i’d pay to watch. Bwah hahahaha…

  3. Immediately i saw that line, i thought of ” I am in Warri, get me out of here”, laugh wanted to kill me, really, that would be a good show. Its a great idea, but I can’t imagine risking their lives heheheheh. You know what would be good though? Those rich men in Nigeria, you know the filthy rich, Babangida and co, I wanna see them pound yam, drag wheel barrow, smoke fish, etc. Now, that would be real entertainment!

  4. Your idea is fabulous! Although, it would be very expensive to insure such a program and its participants but you are right, the world would learn a lot about Nigeria. Whether that is a good or bad thing, well…

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