So, I came across this news story on the BBC Website:


and this thought crossed my mind: “If the Nigeria government is successful in winning such a case, what would  eventually happen to the billions of dollars from the payout? I mean realistically speaking, would it even benefit the common man, considering Nigeria’s track record when it comes to private public spending by the Public Office!”

I’m just saying what many people are thinking.  It would be interesting to know what people think, though..

2 thoughts on “Nigeria sueing tobacco giants..

  1. Hahaha. You are right. Everyone is thinking that, even if they don’t voice the opinion.

    Well, let us all hope that the money will be put into the health system to take care of the sick. If the Federal Government wins the case, then it opens the doors for the average Nigerian to create a class action suit against the same companies and others. That way, individuals can sue as well and take their damages, if they win. As you know certain states are also suing for damages. The possibilities are endless. But, I am just excited that consumers are getting some protection…

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