So, here I am, stuck in bed with some viral infection.  I’d been trying so hard to ward off this bug, but my body finally gave out to it. I called my boss to tell her that I wouldn’t be making it in, and I sounded like Skeletor!

I got an email from a friend of mine who was organising the press for the ‘Celebration of Life’, a concert organised by the Metropolitan Black Police Association to promote the annual anti-violence campaign.  What caught my attention to the press release was the line: 7.30pm (prompt!) I had to laugh at that.  I called my buddy up and  told him that of all the press releases I have ever received, whenever it came to black gigs, the word ‘prompt’ always finds itself on the release, but in reality is never really adhered to.  So, You’d think that at a sold out gig like this one that people would still be on time for the show. Hah!! Even during quiet moments of the show, ‘my people‘ just walked in when it was convenient for them.  The same mentality happened during a close family friend’s play which was about gun violence.  The information clearly stated, ‘please come at 7pm for a 7.30 start.’ People still walked in 45 minutes into the show AND during a very sensitive moment.

The sad part about all this is that when you tell people to come to events on time, the normal response you get is, “Ah-ah! You know us, now! We don’t do early time!” No doubt. However, you mention that there’s going to be a line handing out £10,000 per person, maybe that would be incentive enough!  If anyone can please explain to me the mentality behind Black (African, Afro-American, West Indies) timing, I’d be much obliged!

Anyway, here are pictures from Friday Night’s event:


Nate James:

 Zena Edwards:

Wayne Edwards: 


7 thoughts on “Black Timing…

  1. This is interesting: I dont know if its strictly a black thing, but I guess its become something of a cultural, if not racial stereotype that the black outlook is more “chilled”…certainly in the UK, the ads for Malibu rum perpetuate the “take it easy mon” culture, which I guess, if you’re in the rat race, looks mighty appealing. But I have to say, my black friends in the music business always stressed about getting on stage on time, and were always ready to go with minutes to spare..perhaps, regardless of culture or race, its a general apathy to live shows? I certainly see more of that since Home cinema and video games have turned the entertainment world on its head. Any way, gotta go, Im late for something!

  2. Ah! the trick is to say the event is at least two hours earlier AND DON’T TELL THEM! Your friend should have never said the exact time the play was to start. If the play started at 7:30, he should have said “6:00 prompt” and then made a big deal about how it was very important for them to come at 6:00, bla bla, that guarantees for sure that they will turn up at 7:00 or so! As for why it is only a black thing, I think it is because of the environment most of us or our parents were brought up in. For example, in Nigeria, we know because of “go-slow”, “nepa”, “too many people”, “police”, etc, nothing is guaranteed. Most events start late, I have never been to a Nigerian event that started on time(I can take a lie detector test)in my entire life! So coming from such a background, it is usual for us to “expect” shows to start late. As for the people who live abroad and still go to events late even after being in the country for more than 5 years, thats just bad manners. I agree it takes time to catch up, but we are smart, we can do it!

  3. I dont understand tardiness. I think its bad manners and a fundamental disregard for hosts.

    These pics are so so amazing. Never heard of Zena Edwards so i am off to google her. Nate James is talented and it doesnt hurt that he is easy on the eyes as well.

    Hope you feel better soon

  4. I hate to reinforce stereotypes, but when it comes to “my people”, they are always late!!!

    Why? Maybe something about the tropical heat, I know I’m stretching here, but it surely would be good to have a reasonable answer for why we are always late.

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon, Skeletor!

  5. I do not know Akin. But, I will tell you something about me – I am ANAL about time. VERY ANAL. I am not really the kind of woman that you will enjoy to keep waiting…lol…(and that is all I am saying)…

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