According to the Keith Jarrett, UK’s top black police officer, he wants to demand more ‘Stop & Search’ initiatives among ethnic groups within inner-cities. Of course, this request has opened a can of worms and controversy, but before people go out and crucify the guy, there’s a point I thought might be worth considering: Mr. Jarrett happens to be in a position where he has access to stats and information about crime situations and who is committing what by  various types of people. He has more insight than what we might find out from the news (which, in my opinion, can be very biased!)  I have witnessed on so many occasions in my neighbourhood  groups of young black boys who actually cause trouble, and the police, irrespective of their colour, can’t do anything, because they have been caught up in the red tape of ‘Political correctness’.  Yes, there will always be discrimination, irrespective if a person is in uniform or not.  Now, I am not, in anyway, insinuating that black kids are more liable to commit random acts of violence and such. However, considering young black people have enough bad press and reinforce certain stereotypes as it is, is there really any crime in ‘Stop and search’? If anything, better safe than sorry, I reckon.  But that’s just my opinion. I had a rant about this topic ages ago here.

While on the topic of black, I was reading Hannah Pool’s feature on why do hairdressers charge more to cut afro hair?  Thankfully, I don’t have that problem.  With the joys of Gillette Mach 3 and shaving gel, I embark on the path to Planet Bald. Beautiful thing is: it costs less than £10 a month!  Whooho!! In your face, hairdressers all over!!

Finally, here is one decent shot (I think!) that I got at The Angie Stone gig at the Jazz Cafe, yesterday night.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DO-NOT-COME-BETWEEN-A-BLACK WOMAN- AND-THE STAGE!! Enough said about that. But, if your curious about what I mean, read a previous blog I’ve written about this.

The fabulous Angie Stone:


4 thoughts on “Stop & Search, black hair & Angie Stone at the Jazz Cafe!

  1. I agree, prevention is better than cure. Maybe by increasing the levels of stop and searching on our streets the young black youth may be deterred from carrying there guns and knives around like we carry our mobile phones around. I mean, some of these kids really carry these weapons around like it is a necessity.

  2. Hannah Pool and I went to the same journalism Uni, funnily enough I saw her on the bus last week and she looked very fine with her mighty afro. Well it is no shock to hear that us sisters pay through the nose to get out hair done. It seems you need a trust fund to look fine these days but I guess supply equals demand. Anyone can charge what they want for a product or service as long as the other person is willing to pay for it. So maybe we need to take action here, either look for somewhere cheaper or negotiate a price that you are happy to pay. Hairdressers that do afro hair are a dime a dozen and what sets one apart is their attitude and I would think that any hairdresser worth its salt will be willing to negotiate a price in order to keep a customer.

    As for these young foolish boys who seem hell bent on throwing away their lives. They just need a spanking.

    I saw Angie Stone at Hammersmith Palais back in 2000 when she just broke and she was blinding. She really is an amazing performer with incredible stage presence. I went to the after party and got very drunk. I actually started seeing double.

  3. I agree totally with your rant.
    I think if people is approached in the right respectable manner, being stopped and searched for weapons should pose no harm at all.
    Political correctness, Human Rights are sometimes acted in a way of endangering society more than really helping it.
    As posted in your flickr I think this is an amazing shot. I don’t know Angie Stone music but I can imagine she must have a powerful great voice.

    As for hairdressing, I wish I could sort mine with a mach 3 as well.Hairdressers get more and more expensive everytime I visit one.

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