Slang for {You know what I’m saying?} and means “Savvy?; Got it?”

Today, we be gonna have a party, y’knahmsayin‘?


This instance took place yesterday very briefly while I was in Central London. I couldn’t but help overhear the conversation between two young boys, whom I’m going to assume are cousins. It was a moment when two different, yet very similar youth sub-cultures from the UK & the U.S, began speaking in English, but within 10 seconds, deteriorated into another form of pidgin:

Yank:Is it always this busy in London?”

Limey (slang for Brit) youth: “Every day..”

Yank: “Y’all reckon is dis bad in Philly?”

Limey: “Nah, blad…is peeps and all them foreign tourists, Yegitme, blad?

Yank: “Y’knahmsayin? Brotha can’t do **** ‘out some fool walking up in his space!!”

Limey: “Yegitme, yegitme!”

Yank: “Y’knahmsayin… am I like, niggaz gat to recognise..”

Limey: “Yegitme…!”

Their whole conversation seemed like an episode of Beavis & Butthead. By this time, I reckon I had heard enough and was getting fed-up dragging my feet alongside the other thousands of people zombie-fied walking along Oxford Street. So, I took a short-cut out, thus never really hearing the end of that delightful conversation.

Anyway, on more of a pictorial note, I was assigned to cover Philip Glass (I had no idea who this dude was until I had to google him!) and Patti Smith at the LSO yesterday night. A really good concert with renditions of poems and such. Photography wise, a bit of a nightmare because it was really quiet and you could hear every noise from the shutter release, that was even beginning to annoy me! That apart, here are some pictures from the gig:

***My missus has commented on the second picture I took and honestly thinks there’s a striking resemblance to John Lennon. So, If you ever get to read or see this blog, Ms. Smith, I’m not sure whether you’ll take that comment as a compliment or an insult!***


5 thoughts on ““Y’knahmsayin?!?!” Vs “Yegitme, blad?!” (with pictures of Philip Glass & Patti Smith)

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  2. I definitely agree with the madam, the John Lennon resemblance is uncanny! Don’t take it as an insult. The camera never lies…

    Thanks for stopping by the NIGERIAN CURIOSITY blog and leaving an insightful comment! Very much appreciated.

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