I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: we sometimes have an extreme prejudice towards the penny/kobo/cent (or whatever the penny equivalent is in your country!) That’s just our financial snobbery.

What happens, then, when you realise that you have just about enough money to keep you going till the next payday?? Well, our attitude changes towards the humble penny, no doubt. So, I’m checking my wallet and realise I have just about enough dosh that ought last for some days. I went into a shop to buy myself a muffin and had to get back my penny change. To many of you reading this, you might think, “What a cheapskate!” Well, that’s your opinion, but gaddamnit!! Do you have any idea how much the pennies add up in the end?? So, I’m waiting for my ‘change’, and I’ve noticed a trend: the attendants tend to want to hold back that penny and put it into the ‘charity box’ (which, in turn adds up to a considerable amount, and how are we so sure that it does go to charity? It may well just go into their private ‘holiday charity’. Now that’s a thought to consider!)

But I’m rambling here… On a lighter note, here are some pictures from yesterday’s gig at the Sheperds’ Bush Empire with Gwyneth Herbert and Susheela Raman. Two very different performances, but just as powerful:


One thought on “Every Penny Counts…(& Highlights from Gwyneth & Susheela)

  1. Please collect your change jare.
    As long as you no thief money, why shame go catch u to collect your change?
    Omo carry go joo. I too am on scrimp schedule. E no easy but also e no too bad.
    everything works out in the end

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