Well, it’s another end to a summer and the start of the yearly, inevitable tube strike in London.  Employees of London Underground are worried that their jobs are under treat due to Metronet going into administration, so they’ve gone on strike to make a point.  Nine major tube  lines are suspended, so the remaining lines are going to make for packed

So, with the tube strikes to last 72 hours, getting around and about London will be a logistical nightmare.  Dedicated drones will make their way into work by any means possible and chances are very high that many will enter work disorientated, with a black eye, stressed, or just in a bitching mood. Either way, using London transport on a good or trying day is an experience that a person has to try at least once!

At least it’s a strike.  Troublesome as it may be, let’s be thankful its not the power grid that’s gone off or a massive EMP (electronic Magnetic Pulse) charged.  If you’re an anarchist and wanted to disrupt business operations, you don’t need a bomb: just call on the Transport systems or Electricity Providers to go on strike.  That ought to do it! (**WARNING: This comment does not give you the right to incite any kind of revolution…you’ll only get arrested!!**)

Come to think about it, it’s a wonder how Nigerians survive back home.  In many instances, it tends to be a shortage of petrol that causes somewhat chaos, and that’s just ironic, considering Nigeria is one of top oil producing nations in the world. And yet, when there’s some strike in Niaja, people just put on their shoes and just walk it, and I’m talking miles here.  N.E.PA. (National Electric Power Authority, or P.H.C, as they like to be now known!) don’t even need to go on strike!! They just take switch off to ‘ration’.  And yet, Nigerians adapt.  Niaja people, I salute you!!


2 thoughts on “STRIIKEEEE!!!!

  1. Naijas are a tough bunch. We adapt easily. I remember when Okada’s were banned here in Abuja. Naija’s just shrugged and began walking. Still I don’t know how you guys manage over there. My hubby had to work from home during those two days. He said if he risked going to work he’d arrive in the office during lunch hour! I can’t imagine that. Patapata you’ll be held up for a few hours… but thats it. *sigh*

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