… and how Nigerians have harnessed the lingo!!

If there was one educational course (apart from Maths) that teachers placed emphasis on in schools in Nigeria back in the 80s (don’t know about now!), it was the institutional demand and ability to be able to speak the ‘Queen’s English’. No matter how thick an accent you had, as long as you could grammatically construct the appropriate sentences, you were on easy street. This was, and maybe it still is, one of the lasting remnants of Colonialism in Nigeria. I remember being picked on at Ibadan Grammar School because I could ‘apparently’ speak the Queen’s English. I’d have friends calling me ‘Aje butta’ (Posh boy!) . As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had the English Master, Mr. Adeleye, always showing me off in class on how sentences should be uttered, and punishing anyone who couldn’t speak as “Eloquently as Falope!!” Suffice to say I had to rebel. The consequences were dire, but better that than face the wrath of your peers!

So, you spend all that time learning the language only for you to come to the United Kingdom, the home of ‘supposed English’ and find out that you have somehow managed to harness vastly superior lingustical skills than the English themselves. I find it a crying shame when I hear some English people mentioning that “we have a strong command of the language”, and they can’t even construct a proper sentence. Well, being canned by the school master back in Nigeria would give you the right incentive to master the command of the language, proof that caning can actually bring desired results.

Anyway, I’m tired.. I’m off to training, so I really can’t finish this blog. But, here’s something I wrote ages ago that kind of ties in with this blog.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “The Bastardisation of the English language….

  1. Wow. Nigerians speak better English uh? I kinda find it hard to believe. I think you’re among the rare species of those who speak eloquently. Now if you say we WRITE very well I can agree a hundred percent. Hearing Nigerians speak English does one of two things to me. I either cringe so badly my bladder climbs up to my throat or I laugh so hard I almost poo in my pants.

    Most of our news casters and radio dj’s speak terrible English. Majority of them fall into the mistake of trying to speak with an American or British accent. Whereas they forget that with properly enunciated words you don’t need to put on accents. Sometimes the way they pronounce words make me scream “Aaah!”

    The other day my neighbours were arguing and the lady was shouting “You are a wicked man! Your greediness, enviousness and jealousness will never let you succeed in life. Stupid man. Idiot! blah blah blah…” I was rolling on the floor with laughter.

    Schools are no longer what they used to be. Quality education is hardly the purpose nowadays; schools have become a money making venture. During my youth service I was posted to a secondary school. My students used to say I speak like an oyinbo because I didn’t have a Nigerian accent. I tried to teach them how to speak without opening all their mouth… you know what I mean. The Naija way of talking… they open all their mouth and their ete kpomo flaps up and down. hahahahaha…

  2. you wanna know what brought me here? lol. ur comment on uzo’s page that said u learnt to swim at 27 🙂 LOL KUDOS to you, coming from someone who learnt to swim at 21, i know how hard that can be. lol

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