So, it’s another day at work. One of my colleagues, Rob, has been down with summer flu or something or the other. Yet, because the issue that he’s working on is going to press, he has to come in. Here’s an excerpt from the friendly banter we had about this at work:

Rob: (with the sniffles) “The sooner I get to sign off for these pages and have them sent to the printers, the sooner I can get over this cold!”

‘Chief’ (my nickname for my Line-manager): “Awww… you’re still suffering from ‘Man-flu’, then?”

Rob: “It’s NOT-Man-Flu!!”

‘Chief’: “Of course it’s man flu…it’s a man thing!”

Me: “Hang on… are you telling me that women don’t get the flu??”

Chief:(With a cheeky smile) “Women don’t get the flu.. We’re stronger than that…”

Me: “Oh, I see…”Women don’t get the flu..” but they do get the MOODS!!”

Controversial comeback?? You be the judge :-). Call now to 555- Open ya Yap!!

Yesterday was the BBC Proms 2007, and the headliner was Nitin Sawhney with special guest Anoushka Shankar. I was supposed to cover the rehearsal the previous day, but I cocked up on the days. Suffice to say that the powers that be (Thanks Sarah & Victoria!) managed to work something out for me to take pictures of the show. I would have loved to have been up close and personal, but you can’t always get what you want, I guess. So, here are some of the shots from the show. No, I’m not going to review it, but I will say that the show was amazing:

Nitin Sawhney & Anouska Shankar :

Reena Bhardwaj:

(**This is how far back I had to snap from. Can’t afford a 300 wide yet, but thank God for monopods!!Mwuah-mwuah!!**)


9 thoughts on “'Man-Flu' and highlight pictures of Nitin Sawhney & Anoushka Shankar @ The BBC Proms 2007

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