Well, it’s lunch time at work and everyone is out of the office (bar me!) Office workers all over London right now and making the best of today’s ‘hot weather’ to top up their tan and will have extended lunch breaks, business meetings and the like; any excuse not to come back into the office for the rest of the day. Can you blame them? I guess office shenanigans are where you work. 🙂

Anyway, my brother and I were watching BBC news yesterday who were reporting that a recent survey suggests that young black boys in cities across the UK need positive Male role models and father-figures. This is ongoing debate that I personally don’t see an end to. To be honest, I also find the excuse that there are not enough strong male role models an insult to many single mothers who have single handedly brought up kids in a tough household and the end results have produced productive members of society; if anything, the mothers have done a better job than some fathers.

So, the debate continues: Are a majority of young black boys in the UK (Or even the States) inherently violent or because they have to lash out to compensate for their inadequencies? In a society that lacks moral fibre, everyone is quick to point the blame to one person or establishment. In the UK, being ‘P.C. (politically correct) is the line to tow, to the point that the bleeding obvious can’t be mentioned because it would offend ‘sensibilities’. From an observational point of view as a black person living in London, I can honestly say that the many young black kids I’ve spoken to and encountered (and white) just don’t want to work and feel that the world owes them, and resort to violence to show that “they’re the man!” I’m not suggesting for a second that other ethnic groups are perfect, but as black person, I feel that it is our responsibility to negate certain stereotypes.

So, is it justifiable to imply that young black boys are influenced by the their peers, therefore demonstrating how weak they are?

I always wonder how these young so-called ‘disenchanted’ young black men would cope had they migrated to the UK with Windrush and the subsequent years to the 1960s.

Whoops!! Is that the time? Time to get back to work.. lunch is up!!


2 thoughts on “Office sun & role models for black young whippersnappers!!

  1. I have a young black boy in my class whos behaviour is really bad. This is because his dad is not around and not giving him any attention! When he has been with his dad he is a different boy! He wants male attention! I see this from a very early age! Not only black children any child!

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