I am a firm believer that a smile can go a long, long way.  “Ak, how can you say that with all the crap that is going on around the world?” It is unfortunate that there are issues that occur that we have no control over, and in our pursuit for the ‘finer things’, we’ve lost sight of the basic things.  I see it nearly everyday on my way to work.  Nothing puts a frown more on faces than negative headlines in the papers in the morning, and more negativity in headlines coming back from a hard day at work in the evening!! People just don’t smile or have a cheerful disposition.  It’s all doom and gloom on faces; and this is supposed to be summer!! “But what’s there to smile or be happy about?” Well, the fact that you can read is a start.  If we were to make a list of all the good moments and probably the trying moments, you’ll be suprised as to why we can be thankful and smile.  I’m not implying that a smile can solve all the problems you have, but it’s a start.  With a frown, that’s just a license to develop wrinkles and just look negative and all.  Yet, a smile can actually save a person’s life without you even realising it.  Whenever I’m moody or just about ticked off about nothing and everything, I remember this bible verse:

” A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.” Proverbs 15:13

What makes our heart produce a cheerful appearance? Is it the acumulation of materialism? Or how about our looks and strength? Maybe it’s our intellect?  It could be a number of things, but sometimes the knowledge of the basic things in life can be of more value in our lives than all the money in the world. (Although having a healthy bank account can have it’s advantages!)

So, have a smile and remember: God Loves ya!! 🙂

Picture wise, it’s been quiet on the Front.  Prince isn’t allowing photographers to his London gigs at the 02.  Even the Mighty Getty Images have been denied photo accreditation, so it’s nice to know that there’s been no favouritism this time around.  However, I was told that there was a last minute gig by Nikka Costa, who opened for Prince’s Saturday’s performance. So, here are some shots from the night:

I did get a guest ticket to see Prince, but to be honest, it would have been wasted on me.  I only would have loved to have taken his pictures because live, he is amazing and the lighting is exquisite! So, I gave mine away to a die-hard fan.  Hey! That brought a huge, huge smile to her face, I can tell ya!!

Have a good day, people!!


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