Two days ago was the start of WOMAD 2007 at a new location somewhere in the middle of quintessential England (I.e. the kind of place where most Londoners would respond to with a, “Where??”   We got to the site a bit late, and by ‘We’, I mean a whole bunch of us, including A.R Rahman, H Sridar and some of their crew.    Somehow, and don’t ask me how, but the missus managed to wrangle a lift and accommodation from A.R, so for once, no camping on site. Whoohoo.  In your face, camping mud!!
Speaking of mud, there’s plenty of it to go around. Although it’s not as bad as Glastonbury, it’s all the same to me.  It chucked it down yesterday with rain, but this time, rather than ‘trust’ BBC weather forecasts which tend to be hit and miss, we got all our meteorological report, compliments of the RAF.

One of the great things about this festival so far is that you get to actually mingle if you wanted to with the musicians.  None of them (that I’ve met) have diva-like attitudes with outlandish demands and an army of ‘Yes-Men’.  Everyone was chilled and willing to chat. I even got chatting with Billy Cobham yesterday.  I am so looking toward to his performance on Sunday afternoon.  Here’s hoping that he plays his classic piece, Red Baron.  So far, the highlight for me has got to be the Seckou Keita Quartet.  Amazing band.

Pictorially, the images that I’ve taken so far haven’t been up to standards.  Either I’m being lazy, or that it’s the rain and mud and I’ve finally come down with the flu that I’ve been trying to counterattack, or just that I’m probably ‘festivalled’ out, I’m not really feeling any of the pictures taken so far.  Anyway, here’s a whole batch of some of the shots taken.  Maybe I’ll get my ‘photo-mojo’ back on Sunday….

Peter Gabriel: 

Isaac Hayes: 

Sheila Chandran 

Candi Stanton: 

Billy Bragg: 

Asian Dub Foundation: 



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