With the whole Simpsons Movie hype going on, I decided to ‘Simpsonate’ myself. Here’s what I finally had made:

I doubt I’ll ever have a guest appearance on The Simpsons, so this is going to have to come close. You can get you’re avatar here.

Once again (it’s become a regular routine, now) my Noisy, Unemployed, No Lot in Life, Benefit spongers called my neighbours are on with the noise again. It’s gone so bad that I’ve had to write to my Local MP to intervene, after my council have done sod all about it. It’s amazing how the council tends to cater more for the majority of benefit spongers than those who actually pay rent and council tax. No, I’m not going to apologise for that remark, and I honestly believe that half the population on benefits in this country should be revoked. I don’t blame the council, really. There hands are tight by piles of Red Tape set up by certain governmental arms. If anything, the whole Social Benefits system needs to be rehauled. Times have changed and a good majority of those on the ‘dole’ would rather live off the Government than do a decent day’s work.

Anyway, the council have now suggested that I go to ‘Mediation Classes’ with my neighbours to resolve this ongoing problem. Mediate?? It’s not like I’m disputing a boundary dispute or some hedge growing into the property line.  All I want is for the council to use their authority to deal with a bunch of lazy, selfish, despicable people who have no consideration for others.  Of course, we all know who’s going to benefit from the outcome  of the ‘mediations’.   I’ve actually tried to reason with one of them recently (who claims to have a heart problem, but I’m yet to see her keel over from all the fights, noise and aggravation they cause!) but all to no avail.


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