I love it when I overhear Nigerians chatting on the train. Niaja people express themselves and say it as it is. Like a particular day while on my way back to work during summer and someone ‘dropped’ one in the heat of a packed carriage. Mixed that in with the undiluted fumes of unwashed armpits and you have a caustic gas of nauseous. With that comes an open invitation for a couple of Nigerians in the carriage pass the remark, “Omo!! Olooriburuku kan ti so!!” (Rough Translation: “Some good-for-nothing-schmuck has stank this place up!!”)

Or how about the other instance when I was on a bus 136 and it stopped to pick up a drunk man. The drunk was slurring over his words and was forever supposedly counting his bus fare. This kind of delay didn’t go down well with the other passengers, but true to the Great British decorum, people just tutted to the inconvenience. All except one lone voice, or shout if you will, of reason: An elderly Nigerian, who was on a rush to get somewhere, just shouted down the aisle,“Look, my friend! Are you coming or going? If not, get out!!”

But the one memory that really sticks out and show Nigerians altitude to No-nonsense was about 5 years ago. A buddy and I were coming back from Central London about 2 in the morning, and we sat on the top tier of the bus. Sprawled at the back 4 seats was a man who was off his head mumbling how the world’s going to pot, while he was downing a can of Stella Artois. In such scenarios, the great British public would leave a wide berth when dealing with such  a character, even if it means standing up for the rest of the journey. Not this Nigerian who was on his way to one of his ‘Early Morning’ rounds. He made a beeline for the drunk and yelled, “I beg, my friend.. Eida (either) commot ya foot from de chear (chair), or gerrouff dis bus!!” The drunk was going to start an argument, but I guess through his drunken stupor, must have seen the flaring red eyes and indented tribal marks from my fellow Nigerian and resorted to claiming being “discriminated against because I’m trying to sleep!” We don’t know what happened in the end…we had to get off at the next stop, but never vex a Niaja person on his way back from work and who is knackered!

Anyway, here are some shots taken of Beverley Knight at the Itunes Musical Festival in London. Keep an eye or ear out for Raul Midon:

Have a great weekend, people!


One thought on “Beverly Knight gig; Niaja People & Their No-Nonsense Approach to taking London Public Transport!

  1. i’ve never heard (seen) anyone add to a translation of ‘olooriburuku’ schmuck – nice one. Ha ha. And raul midion is just 2 much. luv him like crazy. first heard him on an album(actually d making of the album) with herbie hancock and i was floored. Just discovered u’re blog. Really loving it , especially d pix (hope dat’s not a deregatory word for what u produce).

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