Na wa for this country. Only Oyinbo go set up helpline to deal with distraught youngsters after the sale of the final Harry Potter book that ends tonight.

Helpline, kei?? Which kin craze be dat? I don’t want to come across as uncaring, but death and sorrow is part of life. We all know what happened to Bambi’s mum, and I’m yet to encounter anyone ‘traumatised’ by what happened to her.

I mean, let’s just say for the sake of argument, that the Bible was written along the same time line as the advent of the Harry Potter saga? Would there be a helpline for people to cope with the death of Christ, (which, to be honest, wouldn’t matter because He rose from the dead 3 days later. Beat that, Harry!)

That’s just me, though.

Speaking of Harry Potter, come see man pickin wey dey queue up in this monsoon weather just to get the book. It’s not like the books are going to run out. If anything, you can read it on line at http://www…………….(Hah! Made you look!)

You know, for an Island like England, this country doesn’t really conjure up images of white sandy beaches, hammocks, palm trees and warm, glorious weather. Nope; it’s just been rain, rain and more rain. Not that you expect much during any English Summer, but o ga o!! Earlier the skies of London went the way of the 9th biblical plague (In case you don’t know, it was when God turned the whole of Egypt pitch dark) and then it chucked down. Now, contrary to weather forecasters doom and gloom, it’s blue skies, sunny and probably warm. Then again, this is London and I’m sure the pollution around has a lot to do with that.

This year has been a great year for photography for me. I’ve been asked what my favourite shot has been so far, and I have to say it’s this one:

The stress I had to go through just to get this shot. By the time I finally got to Wembley Arena for the Faithless gig back in April, (I think) I was about 5 minutes out. Initially I had palaver and half from the lady allocating press passes that ” I had missed being taken to the photographer’s pit by security.” What the duece? It’s not like I missed a flight to Timbucktu or the Rapture had taken place? Before I could throw up a stink, another member of security came by and took me to the pit.

Anyway, Have a good ‘un.


6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Helpline? Baba'nla nonsense and half!(and the English Summer!)

  1. I want a camera, a good camera…yeah money..I know..God dey sha. And summer in the UK is another thing sha.

  2. ..hilarious post.the harry potter bug is serious. half of my office pips don craze over it,i think they also need a help line…lol
    Damn! in fact Double Damn! your pics are really good…
    …thx for stoppin by

  3. I think the Harry Potter craze is fantastic and JK Rowling has made books sexy. I have not got round to purchasing a Potter book but I plan to once I have waded through my ‘to be read’ list. BTW thanks for adding my blog to your list.

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