Ladies, I applaud you. I really do. What you have to put yourself through during the working week to be presentable at where ever it is you work and most importantly, to look and feel good for yourself. Every day on the tube I count about 5 women a day who systematically apply make up, despite the carriage being packed. They have mastered the art of balance, which is no mean feat considering the wrong application of mascara or makeup might not bring out the desired look. I guess those extra 7 minutes slamming the snooze button on your alarm clock for your beauty sleep might not really be a good idea. And in spite of all that make up, some women have a frown on their face. All that good work just goes down the drain. Smile!! You never know who’s life you might actually  brighten up with your appearance.  And when you’re smiling, don’t forget to pose!

Let’s take a look at high heels. Personally, I find that high heels (on the right feet and legs, may I stress!!) can be very attractive. Not many women can pull off the balancing feat of balancing their feet! (Bad pun, I know!) It’s like watching women wearing stilts in a jungle. I see women run, jump, charge, glide and every kind of rapid action: while wearing hills. With all this in mind I’ve said to myself that it’s a wonder that no one has tripped over wearing heels. And that’s when a young lady, wearing heels, took a tumble yesterday during rush hour at Farringdon. Poor thing just lost her footing, literally, and nose-dived into the pavement. A couple of us tried to get her up, but she quickly composed herself, said she was fine and marched off as if nothing had happened. But you could tell she was embarrassed. Poor thing. That explains why many women wear trainers and change in the office. Good for them, I say.

Anyway, went to cover a folk singer called Daniel Johnston yesterday. His music isn’t really my cup of tea, but he did have some catchy wordplay:

Apparently today is Friday the 13th. I don’t believe in superstition that dictates that bad luck takes place on this one day. It’s a myth. If you believe that it’s going to be a bad day for you, then that’s how it’s going to be. Enough with the negativity in your life. Trust God and have a big smile!

Have a good one, pilgrims!


One thought on “Daniel Johnston gig; High Heels & The Art of Walking…

  1. Hey, must compliment your entry.. It’s nice that men out there do appreciate the trouble we women take on a daily basis. And if you live in a city like mine- Mumbai India (with its crowded streets, packed buses, trains), the ‘art of walking’ needs to be mastered to perfection or the outcomes could be fatal 🙂

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