According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, a sandwich can be defined as:

sandwich Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 two pieces of bread, sometimes spread with butter or margarine, and with some other usually cold food between them:
a tuna/ham sandwich
a toasted sandwich
a sandwich bar/box
sandwich fillings

All over the UK, Millions of workers will be scoffing down these culinary ‘delights’ which they honestly believe will see them through the day and keep away any hunger pangs at bay. If people don’t have enough time to make sandwiches  from home, they’ll be queuing round the block just to sink their teeth into wholewheat, brown, white, malt, and other variants of sandwiches.

This is where Nigerians and probably others from other countries differ when it comes to packed lunches. According to Nigerians all over, a packed lunch can only be described as:

“‘Carbohydrated’ sustenance to get you through the day, which includes eating rice with fried plantains and meat, or fried yam, or, if you’re really being adventurous, Eba with Egusi or Ewedu stew.”

Lunch time at work, and most times my colleagues are always asking me what’s on the menu because I bring anything that’s going to get me through the day. Just last week, I forgot to bring my lunch in, so I had to go out and get something decent to eat. Nearly all over the place, there’s nothing but sandwich bars and such. In all fairness, there is a Pizza Express and other swanky restaurants, but if you have an hour’s break you want to utilise your time. Anyway, I found out there’s a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. On my way I over hear this conversation between 2 Nigerians:

Woman 1: “Na so-so iyanga dat pickin wan give me sef!”

Woman 2: ” Leave am for God. Make you know stress yourself.”

Woman 1: “How I no go stress myself? Na so be the bill wey…”

(Cut off by Woman 2): “Look, Jaare… it will work. Now wetin you wan chop?”

Woman 1 (looking at shops): “There is nothing really apetising here….”

Woman 2: “How about Sandwiches??”

Woman 1 with horrified expression on face: “ E mi omo!! Sandwiches ke?? Olorun ma je!!! Ah-ah!! Abi kilonshe??” (Translation: “ME? Sandwiches?? God Forbid!!”)

I Concurred.

Ah-ah!! Think about it: the weather especially cold, and the next best thing is to have a sandwich!! It’s this other instance where my cousin asked whether I’d like to come over to his place for lunch. There I am thinking, “Man pikin go chap Ijesha style cooking”, because my cousin is a really good cook. Boy, was I sadly mistaken. Laid out in his flat were sandwiches! Suffice to say he’s never lived that down!

Anyway, the weekend at the Royal Festival Hall has played host to some Jazz Legends: Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor. Here are some shots from the gigs:

Cecil Murphy during sound Check:

Ornette Coleman during performance:


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