Anyway, here are a couple of shots taken this evening at one of this year’s performance at the Tower of London Music Festival with Elvis Costello and Allan Toussaint:

Have a great weekend, people!

Well, after a couple of dark and very wet weeks in the UK, the summer weather seems to want to make up for lost time.  Not that it was hot today, but when the sun comes out, you better believe people will put on their glad rags hence showing some skin, and let’s not forget the joys of barbeques.  Speaking of BBQs, the missus this evening only brought it to my attention that we were invited to a friend’s for a BBQ with friends.  I was about to ask her why she never told me of this sooner, then I realised that the hosts were vegetarians.  Now, when you say to someone like me, a bona fide meat eater who is more of a carnivore than an omnivore, that there is going to be a BBQ, I’m thinking steaks, shrimps and fish, slabs of prime cut meat and all other manner of flesh which is waiting to be grilled over an open fire and well cooked, with none of that “medium rare” requests.     So when your strict vegan friends are throwing a BBQ, you can kiss the prospect of having any meat goodbye.  Imagine: BBQ’ed Tofu!! Or even BBQ Quorn, mixed with grilled vegetables such as aubergines, peppers and such!!  That has got to be every meat lover’s nightmare.  Picture Homer Simpson being invited to a BBQ that didn’t serve meat.  That’s going to lead to a serious bout of paranoia:

I just believe that there is a fundamental sacrilegious flaw to the concept of a Vegetarian BBQ.    I just can’t buy into that at all…….


5 thoughts on “Elvis Costello gig; Vegetarian BBQ??? Wetin be dat???

  1. I have nothing against vegans, but if you’re going to be a vegan, why even bother with a BBQ? Honestly.

  2. Some things I just can’t imagine. I’d rather not. Like vegetarian BBQ. Maybe y’all should stop at a BBQ ribs joint(don’t know if they have lots of those in the UK) on the way. Gorge yourself, then descend on the VBQ for “roughages”.

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