I love musicians like Suzanne Vega. It’s a joy to take their pictures. No fuss, no diva like behaviours and such, and most importantly they understand why a Live music photographer needs to take the pictures within the limited time frame. I had to cover Ms Vega at the Queen Elizabeth Hall yesterday, (Thanks, Sabine & Ben) and the photographers (3 of us) could go right to the front of the auditorium to take pictures as long as we didn’t disturb those sitting down at the front and we leave the front after the first 3 songs. May I just say, the lighting was just right, Ms.Vega was elegant with her amazing voice and music, and we the photographers for once in a while, managed to get what we needed:

I’m dedicating these shots to a fellow photographer called Howard. We both use the same gear and he tweaked the settings on the camera that is now (in my honest opinion) better results. So, thanks Mr. H!

So we’ve been having somewhat of a freaky weather situation in the UK at the moment. If anything, we are having a form of S.A.D (seasonal disorder) and you can see it on the faces of everyone. People are blaming it on Global Warming, others on Climate Change (“What’s the difference??”) and it would seem many put their faith in the forecasters at the Met Office or the BBC Weather site. Personally, I don’t believe you can predict God’s handiwork. You just can’t. Even if you don’t believe in God, has anyone ever taken the moment to think that even the Earth is a living planet and has to have moments where it needs a break? (“Damn it!! I’m always giving, giving, giving, and these humans are polluting, destroying and then some!! I’m going on holiday!!”) Besides, considering how much devastating damage is occurring in other parts of the world with various weather changes, we should be thankful for small mercies.

Have a great day, people!!


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