Well, it’s been an interesting weekend. First off, I’ve had the privilege to take pictures of a couple of Jazz greats at London’s Barbican and yet at the same time, pictorially it was a story of two tales: On Saturday at the last minute I managed to get a Photo-pass for the Chick Corea and Gary Burton gig. Now, taking pictures at the Barbican is always a challenge but you improvise with the limited lens you have and pray there is good lighting and hopefully the performers are looking up.  You have all these thoughts because it is NOT easy taking pictures at the Barbican.  Thankfully, everything worked out:

But when you’re taking pictures of someone like, I don’t know, let’s say Pat Metheny, then It’s a whole new game plan.  Suffice to say that although I’m a huge Metheny fan, photography wise, I just got the shots I needed and left.  The restrictions were not as stupid and dumb like Beyonce’s, but it was a tad off putting:

Yesterday marked the start of No Smoking at venues and many public places within England.  About time, I say.  I can actually breath when I go to work at venues and come out not smelling like a disgusting hybrid of an incense stick.  Or how about those moment’s when a person fires up and comes right next to you with that stick of death, when there is so much space for that person to have gone and fagged out.   So, for once, The Man has finally seen sense and made a reasonable law.  For those smokers out there, I wish I can say I feel for you, I really do.  But I don’t.  Not for a second.

It has been raining to Kingdom come across the UK for weeks now and apparently it’s going to get worse. However, there was a break in the clouds yesterday and the sun came out in the evening. Well, that was all the incentive needed for some Nigerians to fire up the grill, start a barbeque and  have somewhat of a mini-street party.  I don’t blame them.

Have a great week, pilgrims!


2 thoughts on “Jazz, Smokes & Barbeques!

  1. Hi Aworan,
    Like your pictures. Not a photographer myself just a point and shoot, everything automated kind of guy. But I like composition.

    These pictures you’ve taken at the Barbi couldn’t have been easy especially with the lighting but they really stand out.

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