Sometimes without you even knowing it, you unwittingly bring attention to yourself when you’re travelling on the tube. Take this morning for instance: I’ve been wearing a short cap to cover up some shaving cuts.  I also have my Ipod on and silently muttering along to the tunes, and hanging from my side is sling bag that I’m unconsciously tapping on.  To top it off I tend to read a pocket sized copy of ‘The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.  If there was ever a stereotype to get people a bit panicky on a packed underground carriage, it has to be that.  You know what I’m on about.

I’m sure we’ve all seen on the tube various demonstrations of amorous love by couples that could sometimes very nearly get out of hand. This morning’s display of affection came courtesy of a young Asian couple.  The young man was a poor puppy to her Venus like voluptuous charms and it was clear that they actually loved each other, coupled with the fact that his hands were all over her, enough said.  It was kind of hard to avoid not seeing what was going on from the corner of your eye when you’re reading.  It was either that or put your book down from where you’re standing and stare directly into the yellow stain of a man’s sweaty white shirt.  The sight of the young couple bit bemusing because their actions where somewhat offending the sensibilities (apparently) of some other passengers, and with good reason.  It was also amusing because I kind of get the feeling that they would never be able to express themselves that way in front of their community.

Ahhh, the joys of the tube journey into work.


4 thoughts on “Tube Tales (Take 2)

  1. The perils of true love eh. I guess it is all that pent up desire that results in them unleashing it in public view. Pity you didn’t have a video recorder so you could have YouTubed it.

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