There was a time that I would have gone out of my way to get photography accreditation for a live performance of Beyonce. I’ve never been a fan of her work, but used to think it be nice for the portfolio. That desire has now long fizzled out. According to the music photographers’ grapevine, the time limit in taking pictures is near impossible. I’ve heard horror stories from photographers who have tried to cover Beyonce’s current tour which have been a pain. Now Beyonce’s in the UK and it’s at times like this that I’m glad I didn’t bother with accreditation. My agency called me up this morning to tell me that they’ll be covering the Beyonce gig at Birmingham tonight but to these conditions: To take pictures of the first 30 secs (that’s right: first 30 SECONDS) of the first song, and the first 30 seconds of the 2nd song. There are a number of things that could go wrong with that demand: what if the lighting sucks and photographers can’t even get the shot, bearing in mind that they can’t use flash? Or what if she comes out jumping about like a banshee in low lighting conditions? I mean, if there are going to be diva behaviours for photographers to take pictures, why bother asking photographers to come in the first instance? To be fair, it might not be Beyonce who even dictated this Edict, but rather her management team. I am sure though that she’d have some idea of what’s going on. I’m just hoping that the photographers who do attend just down their tools. As for me, I’m off to the Barbican to cover a more subdued yet enriching act. 🙂


One thought on “Beyonce’s picture diva palaver!

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