I’ve always said that you can’t always police your images once you’ve uploaded them on to cyberspace. It’ll be a logistical and financial nightmare to be able to control those that uses your lo-res images and such. If anything, I tend to advise people that if you’re going to use my images for non-commercial gain or even editorial purposes, at least accredit whoever it was that took the picture or at least mention the source.

Which brings me to my akism. If you can, please spot the difference:

I believe that I can confidently say, without a shadow of a doubt, that that’s the same shot I took at the Barbican at the BBC3 World Music awards. What makes me even more assured is that there were only 3 official photographers for the event, and even if it were someone’s ‘camera’ or ‘unprofessional’ camera, I seriously doubt that the same shot can be captured that accurately.
Now, I only sent images out to my agency that would never give images to anyone without them advising me where it was going. Which can only come to one conclusion: the image was grabbed. Now you might ask why I’m gripping over this, that it’s only a small image. Well, if you live in the UK, try not paying your TV licence for a month and see the full force of the Law come tumbling down on you. I’d like to at least get paid for what is rightfully mine. If you’re into Intellectual copyright law, you might want to have a read of the BBC’s policy image usage then you’ll understand my gripe even more. Besides, it’s just a matter of principle…

Chances are that sooner or later that image is going to come down from the BBC 3 website should they happen to read this blog or I complain about it, hence I made a screen grab of the page.

At least my shot was on the beeb website.. 🙂


5 thoughts on “How to grab Image rights.. like the BBC!

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  2. generally I tend to link the photo to the source site but that will not be happening any longer as ill be leaving blogsville very shortly. Ill continue reading. All the best.
    With best wishes

  3. Whatever happened to the Ethics of Photojournalism or the Beeb don’t practice what they preach! you did a good things capturing the page as it is almost impossible for two photographers to capturing exactly the same shot to the exact millisecond!

  4. @shafi, even if they did capture at the same millisecond, they can’t get the exact same angle. The picture is obviously a “lift off”. They need to acknowledge you for that. Really. Abi them need to be sued?

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