Any of you remember Smokey Robinson’s classic Motown track, ‘Tears of a Clown’? Unfortunately I won’t be shedding not a single damn tear!!

There is something inherently unholy about the McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald. I was sourcing McDonald product shots at work and I had to trawl through hundreds of images and Ronald just kept on popping up. In spite of the smiles, cheery demeanour and hugs, I don’t trust anything that has a fake smile painted slap across it’s face. Then it dawned on me: Ronald McDonald has somewhat of a striking resemblance to Stephen King’s IT:

Am I being paranoid? Probably. Irrespective, there is something malevolent and inherently unholy about any being that’s 5’8 tall,with very huge feet, a colourful costume and not to mention (again!) all that make up and crimsoned lips!! 🙂

Anyway, have a great day, peeps!

(**Images sourced from McDonald’s Corporate page and a Horror fansite)

“Know thy enemy and know thyself and in 1000 battles you will not be defeated!”

-Sun Tzu’s


3 thoughts on “Clowns….hahahaha-argggghhhh!!

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