I haven’t been blogging for a while because I’ve had some commitments to fulfil and all, so I was going to write up over the weekend.

It was on Saturday morning that I received a call from my sister. She told me the sad news that one of my favourite cousins, Sade, had died of typhoid in the early hours of the previous day. She would have been 28 in a couple of week’s time. She was only recently a new wife. Sade also had a daughter at a young age that is now 12.

As you get older, you lose contact with some members of your family and Sade was one of those family members. I still got news from back home about her welfare and all and I wish I had taken time to contact her often. The only strong image I still have of her was when she and her older sisters came to stay with us in Ibadan years ago. Sade always had her hair up frizzy and messy like a porcupine, and she had a cheeky grin like a gremlin. She could have committed the most heinous crime (for a 12 year old) and she’d plead so convincingly of her supposed ‘innocence’ you’d have to forgive her. Sade was also very giving and kind. A bit stubborn, but I guess it runs within the whole family. She looked just like her mother, who died about 12 years ago and a very young age.

I’ve lost many close people over the years but Sade’s death has really shaken me up. Only just 2 weeks ago my younger sister was suffering from typoid and thankfully recovered. Sade was not that lucky. Her ailment was far too in for any drugs to help her. Her death reminded me how fragile life is and nothing in life is guaranteed, except for death. I thank God for her life though, and I know that people passing away is part of life. I contacted her older sister Kemi, who has informed me that her body is being interned and waiting for her In-laws and husband to pass on details of burial.

I didn’t want to write this up, but the missus believed that writing a blog up about her would be my own form of Remembrance and sharing how I feel about the family’s loss.

Missing you already, Sade…


2 thoughts on “Missing you already….

  1. Sorry for your loss, pls accept my condolence. I was just wondering on Sade. U mean she had a child when she was 16?

  2. im glad to hear she touched your life… and that you have great memories of her. She seemed beautiful. God Bless

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