You can tell its back to gloom and more gloom when you’re on the train from Gatwick fresh from a great holiday  and see the countless stiff British upperlip expressions where it’s a crime to open your mouth or even engage in dialogue.  And this is before you realise that its rainy and grey. Yep, this country definately needs vacation.

Not much to blog about. I have extreme jet lag at the moment and I know it’s going to hurt in the morning.   The plane was delayed in Mexico so all the plans I had were thrown out of whack.   But with the delay in Cancun we did come across the Miss Universe Contigent.  The missus insisted I take pictures but that wasnt going to happen.  She managed to get some shots so I’ll have to ask her permission if I can put them up. I called a call from my agency even asking if I wanted to cover a gig tonight and I turned it down, which is something of a rarity.  I can’t even cook today so its going to be takeaway tonight.  I also start a  new gig tomorrow and looking toward to that.  Give me a couple of days and I ought to be back to my Ak-ism self!!


2 thoughts on “Back to Jandon…

  1. Hello aworan, been here a few times to ‘see’ things. Here now to bring the matter below to your attention

    This is a call to all Nigerian bloggers worldwide to become a part of An anthology of the greatest works of Nigerian Bloggers-

    A book called Naija bloggers Vol 1.

    Nigerian Bloggers around the globe are requested to send in their stories or recommend great posts for the publication of a physical anthology, the first of its kind by any group of bloggers on any continent.

    The categories are anecdotes, short stories, poetry, prose, drama and essays but there is room for as many sub-categories as are sent in as the book will also serve as a platform where artistes can showcase architectural/interior/exterior designs, photography, paintings as well as fashion and textile designs. Submissions are therefore welcome on any topic whether covered here or not.

    For more information, please go to: http://laspapi.blogspot.com/2007/05/naija-bloggers-book-this-is-call-to-all.html#links

  2. lol you naija blogger, who woulda thunk it. Akin.. back to work already, Jazz cafe let me stay the whole gig, i didn’t throw my weight around to move and get different angles, not to pleased with myself, kinda stayed in the same place the whole night … but i now know what kinda lens suits what i’d like to do.

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