Sometimes whenever you’re away, there is the justifiable temptation to want to sign up to a tour package and get the supposedly best out of an attraction.  Although it’s been the tried and tested way it may not necessary be the best path.  After what seemed as being shafted by the tour operators on our excursion to Tulum, we decided to break out from the norm.  Thats why the missus and I, working on a tip off, decided to take the R1 bus from down town Cancun and hop on a ferry to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  If you ever make your way down to Cancun and feel that its either too commercial or doesn’t have that authenticity your holiday desires seek, then make your way down to this quiet rustic Island.  It’s more fun, affordable, and most importantly, you actually feel like you’re on holiday.

We got to the Island and met some really, really nice Yanks.  The first pair gave us a lift on their golf cart.  The second couple recommended a good fish restaurant called Picurs, and I have to agree: the food is amazing! After lunch we decided to take taxi to a water theme park but on arriving was told that it would cost $50 USD each to get in.  The manager was actually quite helpful and advised us that it would not be worth our while at that price with only 2 hours to go before closing.  He suggested we take a cab ride to the beach front and that we’d have more fun.  The dude was not kidding.  The sea was calm, clean and clear. You could walk about half a mile in (i think) up to your waist.  You’d have to have a medical condition or completely moronic to drown in this sea.  Even the missus, who HATES going into the sea actually got to float and all.  If anything, I have to thank another great couple from California, Lou and especially Ginger, for helping the missus out with her water phobia and teaching her the basics of swimming.  She loved it so much that we plan to go back today  before heading home to the UK.

Lou and Ginger were great and its amazing the kind of people you meet on your holidays.  Lou is ex -marine and has been with his lovely wife for over 37 years.  They gave us some really good tips about what to do on the Island and where to go and such.  Because of their travel expertise they’ve also given us some invaluable tips on what to do should we ever go to Peru.

We witnessed a wedding on the beach yesterday and apart from  a couple of the female guests flashing their assests after the ceremony, it was quite a chilled day.  I can´t believe we didn’t know off this place until the last minute.  Part of the fun travelling, I guess.


3 thoughts on “Now this is part of Mexico you're never told!

  1. reading this makes me want to take a much needed vacation!! anyways, recently discovered your blog, pretty good pictures, some good musicians, and interesting writing

  2. make with the pictures… do you ever have to throw your camera away and enjoy the day and moments still wishing you could capture those small things.

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