Maybe I’m being paranoid but I’ve noticed a reoccurring sight on the BBC National breakfast news that I personally feel is a giant conspiracy to reinforce stereotypes.

There was a report not too long ago about whether children are being taught the value of money.  A televised survey was shown and all those asked on what they ought to do with their money said that they’d use their money to buy games, clothes and the latest mobile.  Shortly after that report a couple of days later, there was a feature on dangerous dogs.  Who were being questioned about the ‘virtues’ of owning such dogs and the value of money? Why, young black men, of course.

Initially I dismissed these instances as coincidences. That was until last week when the BBC national news was reporting on the issue of low achievement and unemployment.  Who were those being questioned: young black teenagers.  This morning, the BBC breakfast news ran a news piece on the ongoing debate about the age of teenagers leaving school being raised from 16-18.  The BBC also discovered that many teenagers were opposed to this idea of raising the age limit.  Who were those lined up to comment about this? Surprise, surprise: young black teenagers who were not eloquent on air AT ALL!!

Now, I don’t go around reading too much into the semiotics of situations nor about anything that goes wrong with society is based on the colour of one’s skin, but from what I’ve just observed in writing, am I being overtly suspicious about this?? Are young black kids, who have somewhat of a negative image in the British media, the only people to comment about issues that are negative?

If you think I’m making it up, watch the BBC breakfast news (not the regional service, but you may as well get lucky!) and judge for yourself?  Damn, I don’t want to pay a monthly £12 TV licence for a service to give the wrong impression about all young black kids!

(** This is purely an observational opinionated view.  All constructive comments are most welcome!**)


One thought on “BBC Racial stereotyping?

  1. The BBC have lost it. In fact they never had it in the first place. Back in the day they used to set a precedence and hold the bar of ethical journalism and now you watch BBC News and it is all about popular culture and biased reporting. Either that or they are running adverts for their own crappy TV and radio shows. They should ban the TV licence!!!

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