When I was younger growing up in Nigeria, I had to wake up at 5am nearly every morning to queue up at the local borehole to fetch water. No matter how early we’d turn up, there was always a family ahead of us. However, we’d queue up and hopefully have the water home before performing the obligatory housework and then finally prepare for school.  The same instance would also apply when I’d queue up with my younger brother at the Forecourts to buy Kerosene.  Every time we’d queue up, it was always out of necessity.

So, when you hear in the news that people are queuing up at an ungodly hour just to buy this product, then you have to question the vanity of (wo)man:

(c) Image culled from Ebay!

Apparently, this bag was designed by Anya Hindmarch and it’s a season must have.  Dedicated shoppers were up all night for this product!

So, let me get this straight: people would actually queue round the block for this bag that costs £5? Pray tell, what can this bag possibly perform as a miracle? Can it duplicate any item you place in it? Can it lighten the load that makes carrying stuff easier?  If anything, the idea of its  individuality as a fashion accesory and fashion statement is defeated if everyone else is carrying the same bag!!

I don’t understand why people would queue up for the wrong reasons! If it were for a once in a lifetime gig, I can understand!  If it’s a bargain sale, I can relate to that, too. Heck, if it were for free food or medical help if I have neither of these, then I’d queue for a week!! Even the people that queued for the Playstation 3 got a sweet deal: the first 30 or so buyers not only got their PS3, but also got a free plasma screen TVs (RRP:£2,500), police protection (compliments of the taxpayers) and a free taxi service home. So, if you do the math, they all made a profit.

Queue for a plastic bag? Baba N’la Nonsense!!


6 thoughts on ““They were queuing for what???”

  1. It is not just women that queue up – There used to be a saying in England – Get a life – somehow these people do think they have a life getting the newest trend or fad and being able to show it off to others who live in this inconsequential cocoon of hedonism, gimme-gimme and body-worship.

    I really cannot phantom that existence, but it is there and growing like a plague.

  2. erm… those £5 bags are limited edition bags.
    They are now on ebay for up to £500.

    So I guess those people had a little bit more for sight than people give them credit for

  3. Mehn..i never knew women could queue up for clothes and sturvs until one day i was in london and NEXT was suppose to be having a one day sale…and me i was coming back 4rm clubbing at 3am in the early morning and girls were queuing outside NEXT store so that when it opened at 9am o abi 8am sa..they would rush inside..i was like wtf..on top baffs that wud soon go out of fashion!vanity upon vanity…

  4. But it’s not a plastic bag Akin, that is the irony of it. The idealogy of the bag is to get rid of plastic bags. I would have liked one of those bags, they look cool. As for queuing up at an ungodly hour you have obviously not heard about the Mossettes who stood in line for hours to get their hands on Kate Moss’s Topshop collection.

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