According to the official body for inspecting schools in the United Kingdom (Ofsted), youngsters believe that parents and teachers are not doing a good job talking to them about issues of sexuality.  Pupils would rather source all the information and advice they need from magazines, in spite of the explicit content some may contain.

It would seem that in many quarters parents and legal guardians are either too embarrassed or couldn’t really care less about talking about sex.  Remember watching a film or a wildlife programme when you were younger with your parents, and then the scene cuts to a lovemaking scene?  There was usually an awkward 3-second silence before you suddenly realised that you had to finish your homework, or worst still you have a sudden desire to go to the toilet!  (Ye-ye people!! Think of that last statement in anyway you want!)

I’m not a parent, but I’ve been in a position of responsibility that I’ve had to talk younger charges about hormones, sexual sensitivities and such.  To be quite honest, I’ve never been fazed by the whole sex education issue. How can I be, when my Nigerian parents gave me this talk about sex.


2 thoughts on “"Let's talk about sex, pupils!"

  1. lol… i love the way your parents broke it down to you… i never really got the talk come to think of it.. i think my stepmom told me that if the guy touches me i’d get pregnant… my dad just warned me not to talk to guys at all.. lol… I had to learn everything everywhere but home… great writeup.. thanks for dropping by my blog.. i’ll defintely be back here

  2. At least u got some sex education talk, all my mom told me was ” I was a virgin when I married ur father” n that exactly means wot, lol. Yeah its kinda sad that parents push that kids into reading n learning about sex outside cos they r too embarrassed or somethin, nice post by the way!

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