It’s no secret that I can’t play any musical instrument to save my life, save for the conga, and I haven’t played that in years. So to compensate for my failings, I’ve always leaned more along the line of taking pictures of musicians. To date, I have been privileged to take their pictures. Now, I have never been one to be fazed by stars, irrespective of their background or genre. Yet, there are a few that have my respect all the time.

From a young age, I’ve always wanted to meet Bob James. I remember the radio station ‘The Voice of America’ using a break from his track ‘No Pay, No Play’, and that was one of the instances that got me hooked into jazz. I collected every album I could get my hands on, and later I found out that Bob James had formed a jazz group named ‘Fourplay’. I saw them perform back in 2000, and I dreamt that I would take pictures of the group some day.

Before that happened, I had the chance to take pictures of Lee Ritenour, former member of Fourplay, at the Jazz Cafe. I have great respect for the dude’s guitar playing ability. I was in so much awe meeting the dude, here’s what the shot looked like:

Lee Ritenour

(Observe the demented look on my face! I guess Lee was backing up.. just in case!!)

Not long after that, through the missus (she has this uncanny gift of making contacts!) I got to finally meet Bob James, and take shots of the band. Not too happy with the shots, but here’s hoping to when they tour again!

Bob James

(Trust me, that grin on my face lasted for a couple of weeks!!)

I only remembered all this because I went to an interview last week, and before leaving, one of the ladies asked whether I had achieved my dream of meeting Fourplay, as written on my website. I really, really need to update that site!


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