If you love going to the movies, then you’d want to enjoy the silver screen experience without the palaver. All that High Definition and Dolby surround glory needs to be appreciated to its full potential, just as most film directors intended. And let’s not forget the actors performing their hearts out in order to get the Oscar or facial 15-minute recognition of fame. Another important part of movie going is forking out for over-inflated cinema tickets, (unless you have a Cineworld Membership card) and in return, we hope to receive satisfaction guaranteed like say, discounts on the popcorn, comfy seats with sufficient leg room and most importantly, the actual film being screened in focus.

So, with all that in mind, you’d think that you’d still have a great viewing time. Right? Wrong!!

These are some instances that every movie-loving fan has had the misfortune to encounter:

Ever notice certain people have no ‘Chewing’ timing whatsoever? There you are, caught up with a poignant scene just like everyone else in the auditorium. It’s very quiet, with the mood sombre when suddenly you hear a constant munching of popcorn and slurping of coke as if in their front room. I mean, have some consideration for Pete’s sake! And if you think that’s bad, you should hear some ungodly souls who decided to drop a fart at that precise moment. It’s not the stench that gets to you, but the ‘brrrrppp!’ that goes with it. Hold it in, people!!

The educated illiterates who feel that they should give a running commentary as the film unfolds. Here’s a suggestion: SHUT UP!! The same also goes for those who still answer their phones during the performance, in spite of the polite warning to switch off the phones.

Unless the movie is rated ‘U’ or ‘PG’, then kids should not be in the cinema. Or how about the kids that come in like of pack of wolves and cause pandemonium. They ought to be gagged or better still, not permitted onto the premises.

Or how about those who come in late to the screening and make a scene because they can’t get to that one empty seat situated on a packed row. If you’re going to be late, at least apologise to people while you bang into people as you try to get to that seat.

These are just some examples that I can cite. If anyone has any additions, please feel free to contribute!


2 thoughts on “Cinema Etiquette Faux Pas

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