It’s been kind of windy these past couple of days, and with the wind comes all kinds of mishaps. I’ve witnessed the usual wind scenarios: an umbrella being blown away; rubbish bags dragged. Heck, I’ve even witnessed Marilyn Monroe moments.

So how do you prepare for that windy moment when your toupee comes flying off your head? That’s a scene I saw a couple of days ago, and of course, I didn’t have my camera with me to record such a priceless moment. The poor dude was dressed to the nines, all dapper and such. He even had a beautiful woman by his side. They were just about to make their way into a parked Mercedes Benz when the faux pas happened. I don’t know why the dude never secured that toupee down properly, but I reckon he ought to shave or invest in something stronger. Like the brand Donald Trump uses. (Come on, people!! We’re all thinking it: it has to be a toupee!!)

There’s another guy I used to see a lot who I believe must be in hair denial. The man must be in 50s, and has 3 or 4 strands of hair that I’m sure he combs over his obvious bald patch. This dude looks like another version of Homer Simpson, but only paler and thinner. Whenever the wind blows, the strands stand to attention to be counted, which you can literally do. And I’m asking myself: “Doesn’t this guy have someone telling him that he might actually look better with no hair at all?” I guess he’s holding on to the final remnants of what could have probably been long lush, flowing hair. Oh, how he longs for the wonder years…

Why Am I picking on the bald guys? No apparent reason. I’m as bald as a vulture’s head, and I’ll be damned if I wear a toupee or such. (Unless a miracle drug is produced to create hair with no side effects!) If anything, I strongly believe that the almighty created baldness as a true sign of showing off the perfect head. ☺


4 thoughts on “Obeying the wind & other Hair-raising moments…

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