Brand New Heavies
Originally uploaded by Aworan.

They say that photography at times is about being at the right place at the right time. Not only that, it also helps if you have the settings of your camera ready for anything.

So, I was just lucky to have said image yesterday. Was at the Islington Academy covering the Brand New Heavies. The lighting was appalling, and the use of any flash was denied. So, I had to switch to a 50mm lens. (No, Im not going to bore you with all that jargon!)

As I’m trying to frame the lead singer in the most (un)available light around, she comes over to me, gyrating and doing her stuff, and gives me this image you’re now viewing.

I was later asked whether I had done something to offend her. Who knows… at least I got the shot I wanted!! 🙂

Johnny Cash, eat your heart out!


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