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The claim that women are the fairer sex is a myth that needs to be destroyed asap. When it comes to certain music gigs, women tend to take on a new persona; one you do not want to get sweeped up in! I’ve been to gigs where I’ve seen bras thrown on the stage; panties, (now that’s just nasty!!) or a young pubescent lass riding a surf crowd to get to the stage, until security step in! These are some of the sights to behold whenever going to certain gigs!

Let’s take for example Jon B’s concert at the Jazz Cafe last week. Normally, I try to get to the venue early so as to get a good vantage point. However, i took my time. Big mistake! I finally get into the venue, and its rammed packed with screaming women, who were determined not to make life easy for ANYONE trying to get to the front of the stage. No amount of reasoning with most of the women would not make any of them budge, inspite of you saying you’re only going to take a number of shots and leave. With arms folded, they stood their ground, with that look saying, “Boy, if you don’t get your raggedy arse and cameras away from me and the chance to see Jon B, I will literally break you!!” Now, I’ve been to gigs where women are a tad crazy over a musician or band, but the most ferocious tend to be black women!! That’s a fact. Ask any photographer or punter, and you’ll get the same response! Come to think of it, I should conduct a socio-anthropological study on this!

And that’s another thing: at said gigs, women, even with their partners around, are like savages. Now, if a guy sees a female perfomer, no way is he going to let off wolve whistles and such. Says alot, doesn’t it?

Fairer sex??? You’re having a laugh!! I finally did get to the front, (with much palaver!) got the shots I wanted, and scrammed! Here are some of the shots from the night, and other gigs in the past week!

ps: Guys are just as bad, but depends on what kind of gigs you go to, I guess.


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