Matt Willis
Originally uploaded by Aworan.

I’d already written this blog before, but it seems appropriate to bring it back with a comment a friend made about this picture.

Have you guys seen the latest ‘Lynx’ campaign? The “Spray More” advert, where hundreds of thousands of scantily dressed, slim, sexy women, (Hey! I’m a guy! We notice these things!!!) all converging to one lone man’s position, just by him spraying this substance on him! Effectively, this advertisement is trying to convince the Alpha/Beta/Gamma Male that by having this aftershave, women will literally come and rip you apart and fulfil your wildest desire. Hah! You wish!

But that’s not my beef about that ad. If this spray claims to attract beautiful women to a lynx user, how comes they missed out on: The Fat Woman, The Volumptious Woman, the pregnant woman, the really size o model woman, the the granny looking woman.. you get the gist!! I mean, sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a bit of variety wouldnt go amiss!!


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