Wotcha, all. First off, A happy & blessed 2007 to all of you. Whatever you get up to, have fun.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’d remeber me writing that I’d like to start the new year concentrating more on photojournalism. How God answers prayers! I woke up this morning to banging and thumping that’s literally shaking the building foundations. (That’s shoddy workmanship for you!) The cause of this palaver was a man who was bent on breaking down the front door to the building and, in his own words, “gonna kill ’em!! Open the **** door, bustarrd!!” This went on for about an hour. Neighbours tried to calm the man down, but the concept of reason had left the man ages ago. The dude seemed high and was behaving like a rabid dog. Suffice to say, the police finally arrived. And when it comes to my neighbourhood, they don’t come in pairs, they come in groups. I counted 8-9 officers; i guess it was a realistic number to pin the guy down. Initially, they tried talking to him, but the suspect was just zoned out and wanted to hit one of the officers. Now, you’re just asking for it if you do, aren’t you?

And where was i during the pandemonium? And of harm’s reach with my camera, of course. You don’t want to be Robert Capa in my neighbourhood without health or life insurance, or be Rambo! You’ll just end as another statistic. So, from a safe distance in the kitchen, here’s a shot from the incident:

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