This shot of ShahRukh Khan was taken a couple of weeks back at a press conference. At the time, photographers were told that we would have our chance to take pictures of the actor, director, etc after Q&A session. Now, if you’ve ever been to Asian press conferences, you know that things are never as promised most of the time. So, we took pictures during the Q&A Session. This was one of the shots taken at the time.
A week later, my journalist gets a call that this image should not have been used in the article because (and I’m going to paraphrase what was said!) “It gives a negative impression of Shah Rukh Khan to his fans because of his smoking!” Correct me if I’ve missed something here, but the dude pulls out a cigarette and lighter during a press conference, so he should know better. Once you come into the public domain of a press launch, your every move is under a microscope. Personally, It’s not my business to hound you during your private life. However, if we the press have been invited to take pictures during a pre-arranged gathering, well, that’s another story. I’m sure Mr.Khan knew what he was doing, or he would have used on of those Bollywood Trademark Punches and Kicks (with dramatic music!) to stop me from taking this shot.

4 thoughts on “SHAHRUKH KHAN & a fag…..

  1. He can do as he pleases. Aakhir woh bhi insaan hai, uski bhi zindagi hai. If he stated promoting the habit & saying the puff of a cigarette is the meaning of life or summin, then yea, it’s probably worth the criticism, but all I hear from him is, “it’s a bad habit”, “i’m trying to stop” & “children should know that this is bad & not think it’s cool” … okay sparking up at a press conference isn’t the best of ideas, but if it’s a habit, it’s a habit, let him be.

    My 2 cents anyway.

  2. My heart skipped two beats there when I saw the word fag. Phew!

    His PR agent should have told him it’s not wise to puff away when the press are watching.

  3. My darling Shah Rukh has been trying to kick this habit for ages..so he figures he wont advertise this cos he has a lot of young fans..

    But most importantly – she were in the presence of King Khan? *swoon*…..I went to his house in Mumbai oh…LOL

  4. Oh my word! That comment on my blog. I just saw the picture..I am weak. And the fact that the missus had a chat with him? We bought flowers and wrote letters and dropped them at his gate…i harboured fantasies that he would come out of his house at thtat exact moment. our hotel in mumbai was right across the street from the cricket pitch when India beat the Aussies at 20/20. My friend and I were cracking jokes about the fact that SRK would be there. What do you know – the next day the papers had pics of him and his son at the event…

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