Saw Goapele perform at the jazz Cafe a couple of weeks ago, and let me just say, she’s a voice to look out for. As usual, the lighthing for photography at the venue was dire, so here’s a shot from the night:

A couple of days later, ( I think!) I went to cover the Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris gig at Wembley arena, London. Normally the lighting at WA is great, until the 2 main acts came out. Some genius thought that placing spotlights at the back of the perfomers would be dramatic. Dramatic for the photographers, more like:

I guess someone informed the technician that it was convenient for us snappers, so the harsh spotlight was scaled down:
For the 2 songs we were allocated to take pictures, I thought it was an interesting gig. Only qualm I had with the show (apart from the spotlight malarky!) was that Ms. Harris always had the mic in her face!


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