How hard is it it to find a good tubar of yam in my neighbourhood? Sure, I’m living in the UK, and I can’t always get certain food produce that I crave from Naija. But this is yam, for crying out loud. Most of the shops selling yam are offering the ones that are rotting on the inside. Ah-ah!! You’d think that we’d have our money’s worth at times. It’s so hard to get good yam. I’m not talking American yam. (Yam for wimps!) I’m talking about the real McCoy, here. I’m talking the kind that can be made for Inyan. Speaking of yam, does anyone really pound yam in London? You might have the ‘Sound Police’ (i.e nosey neighbours complaining to the Council) on your case. Besides, pounding yam is a skill that takes tough callous hands to master. Get it wrong, and you’ll just be eating mashed yam with soup. That thought alone is just wrong.

All I want is a good Punan yam to make a good dish of Asaaro. (Yam Porridge) Is that too much to ask?


One thought on “Where's the yam??

  1. lol….u no dey live for London? What with all d markets here i.e Finsbury park, brixton, dalston, East street market, peckham and co.

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