Shots of Carlos Santana at Wembley Arena, yesterday night. Before the gig started, bumped into an old photography buddy also there to cover the show. It’s also great at times when you get chatting to people, especially photographers, since they always & mostly keep themselves to themselves, or only chat with you based on A: Who you’re taking pictures for (and you better be shooting for either the big agencies or the Nationals!) or B: How expensive your camera gear is. I can (and eventually will) blog a whole issue about the mannerisms of photographers. We’re like Marmite: an acquired taste. Anyway, me being moi, I got chatting with one of the photographers, and he so happens to know Nathan East. Now, if you’re either a big Fourplay Jazz Fan or Bass player, you’ll know who he is. And if you knew how fixated I am with jazz, well!! Need I say more?


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