This is a fact: Sometime in your life, you will encounter bullies. Be it at work, in a relationship, school, or even at a party, there will always be a neanderthal who is seriously lacking in moral fibre or humane qualities and has the making of a bully. Many of these species are inadequate cowards and therefore pick on anyone they feel is weaker than them. Even the Devil is a bully. Encountering bullies is inevitable; it’s just a question of how you deal with them.

I had my fair share of bullies at school while growing up in Nigeria. Fortunately, I had some friends who watched my back. However there was a particular guy who kept on picking on me. This dude, whose identity will be kept secret (Oh, who am I kidding?? His name is Ayodeji Alebiosu! Name and Shame. NAME & SHAME!!!) He was a big bloke, and he kept hassling me because of my accent, which was a hybrid of some sort. For a whole year, he harrassed me and what he called ‘tease’, I categorically call ‘B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G’. He never did it around my friends, who would have punched him into next month. But whenever had the chance, he bullied.

What bullies fail to realise is that, eventually, a ‘victim’ (I use said term generically, because you can either decide to let yourself be a victim or not) will snap. And that’s what happened. It was the start of a 3rd term in the 2nd year, and you would have thought that Ayodeji would have grown out of his bullying tendencies, but hey! Cowards will be cowards. I was minding my own business when he came just wanting to pick a fight. Bad move on his part: I was already mad about something else going on in my life at the time, so I just flipped! Now, I used to always think about what Christ said about ”turning the other cheek”. Oh, I turned the other cheek, alright. But not as Christ would have wanted:

It took a couple senior students to pull me off this dude. That was the last time Ayodeji Aleboisu, the bane of my early school days existence, ever bullied me again. Ever.

So, whenever you come across bully, here are a couple of pointers. They may or may not work:

Deal with the bully before he/she takes undue advantage over you, and you become a wreck.

That’s my 2 pence advice for the day..


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