© Aworan. (18-35mm, ISO 400)

We now live in a society where taking pictures of young children could get you labelled as a having ‘paedophiliac tendencies’ , and thats all thanks to some depraved punks out there. Taking your camera out to take innocent shots becomes a flaming challenge! As a matter of fact, whenever I walk into work and I have my camera out, the moment I come near the local school, I put my camera away. The age of innocence has truly left the building!! I did come across this interesting site that talks about legal implications, Rights and other technicalities of taking pictures within the publich domain, so its worth checking out.

However, there have been moments you see a picture in the making that you just have to take the shot, irrespective of potential consequences. One such example was of the image above. These kids were playing in the car park outside my flat, and they saw this motorcycle, which was a true beauty, if I may say so myself. If anything, what such a bike was doing in my neighbourhood is beyond me, considering people like to ‘borrow’ anything that looks good to take! Anyway, on seeing the bike, the kids started off by having one of them touching the handle bar, while the other kid kept watch. They would then rotate shifts. They then moved from touching the handle bars to being as brazen as ever: they began jumping up and down, and pretending to be riding the machine. They were truly fascinated by the bike, and spent about 30 minutes playing with it. I thought it was an interesting observation to see how boys just love their toys.

By the way, I had to take the shots from the kitchen window. Taking pictures of kids in public these days is like going on a wild safari . Always take the shot from a safe distance. Problem with that is that such an action can be misconstrued as an ulterior motive. Catch 22 situation, I guess.


One thought on “Kids & Pixs in public..

  1. haha, wild safari it is. I was even bothered once in London when I was taking a shot of my own kid, never mind. Things have gone totally out of hand. Real shame we have to be going in this direction but I think it doesn’t stop the real bad guys anyway.

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