As to be expected, you’re bound to come across local photographers want to take pictures of visitors at the local tourist attraction. That’s to be expected. I mean, a man’s got to make a living, even if they swam all over you like bees to honey. And quite frankly, if you look foreign enough, well, you are the honey with an almighty “Kerching” buzzing in their ears!

But what do you do with the local photographers who are insistent in wanting to take your picture, in spite of the the obvious fact that you have dangling over your shoulder and neck 2 digital cameras, one manual camera, and a bunch of interchangeable lenses in your pouch vest. You’d think that would put them off. You’d think so, would’nt you. (HAH!)

And that’s what happened outside the Taj Mahal earlier this year. There was this particular local who was determined to take a picture of me and the missus together, in spite of all the gear I had on me. This guy was not taking no for an answer. I spoke to him in broken English, sign languaged to him, and even had the missus speak to him in Tamil to explain that his services were not needed.

Suffice to say, I snapped, literally in anger (because security had given me problems earlier trying to get into the venue!), and in taking his shot, which he did not expect.

(c) (Aworan 2005)

When he finally show what my camera could do, he backed off.

Moral of the story: There isn’t any! I just wanted to share the story. But, try and learn some Hindi or the local dialect. And the translation of the this title blog means “Leave me alone!”


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