I’m not the kind of guy to be fazed by celebrities and famous people. Never have, and never will. However, I do make the exception when it comes to people that I admire for their talent. One such person is Lee Ritenour. I only became familiar with his work through listening to Fourplay, and following up on Jazz guitar legend, Wes Montgomery. On hearing Lee’s finger work on guitars, it just blew me away. I wanted to meet the dude who’s music could chill me out.

So, when I found out that he was performing at the Jazz Cafe, I bought tickets for myself and the missus, first and foremost 3 months in advance. It was a cautionary buy, just in case I couldn’t get press tickets to take pictures. I was not going to take any chances.

Now, I’m not a music reviewer, but the show was amazing. In spite of the low lighting, ( you can’t use flash at most music venues) I managed to get a couple of shots from the show. I was a happy man that night. Had the shots in the can, listened to Lee’s music Live (missed his London gig in ’97 due to a wedding in the family), recieved a signed autograph of one of his cds, compliments of Alex Acuna. All I wanted to complete the night was to have a shot with Lee. Never thought it would happen: until the missus intervened. And here’s the end result:

I can assure you all that this has been the only time that i have gone ‘ga-ga’ when meeting somone! With the look that ‘Cap’n Fingers’ is giving me, I’m sure he was seriously considering calling security!.


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