“… and that’s another thing…

When people gripe that they hate waking up in the mornings, i normally respond by telling them that it all depends to what we are waking up to. I mean, lets face it: From all the billions of people on the face of the planet, only a fraction enjoy waking up to their jobs & lives. And many have reasons for not wanting to wake up: The responsibilities that come with the day; bullies at work; the rat race; at work with people, whom, let’s be honest here, you just cannot be at peace with them.

However, this monday is different. Picture the scene, if you will: It’s a monday morning. You’re alarm’s gone off, You’ve had to wake up early for the early tide, because your’re going snorkling off the coast of Bermuda. Or you’re just waking up at your own time doing what you enjoy doing, and getting paid to do it. Or maybe any other desire you have in mind; the list is endless. So, I guess it all boils down to what you wake up to.

It’s interesting how people get worked up about what they hear in the News. If you ever needed motivation to be depressed, then just read the front cover of the newspapers or turn on any news channels. The scrowls on people’s faces contorting from one negative headline to another is detremental to a person’s well being. I mean, on the face of it, News is a commodity that keeps people buy into, and it plays into our fears and paranoia. Don’t believe me? Ok, then name one positive headline in recent years that gave you peace of mind? (All answers can be send to ‘news@negpos.com’) I could go into a thesis about News, Media & Exploitation of the masses, but I spent three years at Uni trying to figure that out, and it still fandangoes my head.

So, do you want to at least start the day on a positive note without the negative aggro, which, inevitably will come along? Here are a few tips:

Don’t wake up to the news first thing. I mean, why wake up to High Interest rates, Murder, Scandels, Celebrities, Unemployement, and such. Find anything positive there?? You can always play catch up with the news later on. If the news story or feature involves you in anyway, you’ll get a phone call from loved ones or concerned friends.

Read something inspiring to your well being. I prefer to read the bible. Some people might not care for that, but that’s cool. And yes, there might seem to be some harsh realities and prophecies (Book of Revelations, anyone??), at least I believe that I’m going to get positive vibes, home truths and wisdom by the Grace of God.

Push the Envelope: Get down and give yourself 50-100 press ups/sit-ups/pull-ups. You’ll be too knackered to bother yourself with negativty.

Have a bath: Well, apart from the health benefits and all, you’ll feel too revitalised to want any negativity stiffling your creativity.

These are just some pointers, and not neccessarily in that order. If you can think of any other alternatives to having the news, drop me a line.

May the good Lord give us the strength to be able to deal with each trying day that comes, Amen.

Peace out!

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself”

Matthew 6:31


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